It’s Stewardship Sunday this week and we are excited that our special guest and Stewardship Chair Lori Marquez will be able to be with us to help launch our Fall Appeal!   And if she is able to make it, we hope all of you will all be able to as well!  To see the service video, go to our Church website and click on the worship video

Halloween may be over, but we have some special treats to share this Sunday!  Not only will Lori be sharing her special message, our service this week will include a photo slideshow of ministry from the last year, and for the first time at First, we will be having a virtual coffee hour for our members after the service.  This is something other churches have been trying through Zoom and this is a great time for us to try it too!

Lori will be asking us to think of something we are grateful for this year in her message, despite all the hardships we have faced together, and the Zoom Coffee Hour will allow us to hear each other’s voice sharing our responses.  It’s not quite being in the same room, but it a way we can use technology to connect!   And during the Coffee Hour we will have something else to be thankful for!  First Lutheran will be receiving a new member, Jeanie Stummeier and we want for your faces (if you join by Zoom) or voices (if you call into the meeting) to be there to welcome her!

As we begin this season of Thanksgiving and Stewardship let’s gather together to remember what we can do together as a witness for Jesus Christ in our neighborhoods and communities!

We encourage you to go to the FLC Website and watch the recording worship service at 10AM (though it will also be available before and after that time) and to plan to call or join the coffee hour after the service at 10:45.  You can do that even if you don’t have a computer!  We’ll wind down our conversations by 11:30! 

HOW TO JOIN OUR ZOOM COFFEE HOUR AT 10:45-11:30AM on Sunday, November 8th, 2020

You can join the conversation with any phone

  1. Dial 646-558-8656 and then hitting the # button when asked to. 
  2. Then the Voice will ask you to dial this meeting code which is 3963745897 and you will be prompted to hit the # button again
  3. Then if they ask if you have a code hit the # button one more time and you will be in the meeting!

So, it’s two numbers and three # signs!  A little bit of extra work but not too much in order for us to talk on Sunday!  Give it a try, and if it doesn’t work this time, we can help you do it next time, just call the church office and ask!

If you have Zoom on your computer or smart phone you can join the coffee hour by clicking this link if you have Zoom on your computer or smart phone or typing in the Meeting ID 3963745897 on the app or website.

We are grateful that you are a part of First Lutheran Church and will continue to find ways for us to connect and be church together!  –Pastor Josh