Stewardship now?

During a time with such uncertainty why would we want to think about Stewardship and the importance of giving? The economy is questionable, people are losing jobs, and financial resources are limited.  How can we possibly think about giving and being good stewards now? Why is this important?

During this time the ministries at First Lutheran are continuing but just in a different way.

Prayers are being said, outreach is happening, and the word of God is still being shared.

During times of uncertainty God remains constant, HE remains faithful, and HIS love continues to be shared. This is constant!

Because HE is always constant and faithful let’s remember to remain constant and faithful to God through Stewardship.  Let’s get excited again about what God is continuing to do in our lives despite what is going on around us. Let’s celebrate that we still have a ministry and family at First Lutheran Church. Let’s do our part to keep things moving!

Each week we will celebrate and share a story about the ministries at First Lutheran Church that are continuing because of your financial commitment. The more that we give to HIM the more he is able to do. Please let us know if YOU have a personal story that you would like to share!

You can make a donation right now to First Lutheran Church by FOLLOWING THIS LINK