Statement from West Allis Mayor Dan Devine

“Over the past week, the world has been shocked into action following the senseless death of George Floyd. I, Mayor Dan Devine, on behalf of the City of West Allis, join those around the world raising their voices to bring an end to the violence and injustice that have devastating impacts on our Black neighbors and in turn, our entire community, every day.

The horrific murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers is a condemnable act of violence, racism, and inhumanity. Heartbreakingly, it is one of many. The brutal killings of Black citizens by those who are sworn to public service is an appalling miscarriage of duty and an egregious violation of public trust. These repeated instances cause untold trauma to our Black neighbors who must bear witness to these crimes against their people and live in fear that one day, the same may happen to them or their loved ones. As a nation, we can no longer remain silent and fail to act to ease this devastating burden on the people of color with whom we live and work alongside.

Let me state very clearly that hate has no home in West Allis. We acknowledge the pain our Black neighbors are feeling and we join them in calling for nationwide reform. We recognize that the diversity of our community is its strength. We understand that there is still work to be done, locally, statewide, and nationally, to ensure people of color feel safe, supported, and heard; and we believe Black Lives Matter. We commit to being open to feedback and conversation, and to working harder every day to build a safe and strong community that equally benefits and protects all who reside here.

At this time there are many of you wondering what you can do to help our community move forward, start spurring change, and help healing. We encourage all residents to raise their voices against racism and injustice and roll up their sleeves to get to work building a better world that embraces and empowers our Black neighbors. Contact your elected officials. Most importantly, prepare to vote. Visit to register.

And to the people of color in our community wanting to be agents of change in leading us forward, please contact me to discuss joining City committees, commissions, and boards in order to ensure future local decisions are made fairly, justly, and with you, not merely on your behalf. You are welcome, and you are needed.

Change is possible. Reform is possible. Ending injustice is possible. Saving Black lives is possible. We must come together as a community and nation to raise our voices on behalf of our Black neighbors and stand with them as we work to build a better, safer, kinder world for all.