Come and be fed.

“Ho, everyone who thirsts come to the waters!” Isaiah 55: 1

“And all ate and were filled” Matthew 14: 20

Hi everybody! Pastor Josh here welcoming you back to worship at First!

On Sunday at 10AM in our courtyard something amazing will happen…all who are hungry and thirsty will be filled with the words of Scripture, the joy of the presence of our church under the canopy, and the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ in communion.

This is a feast and gift to all Christians, that we haven’t been able to celebrate for months. You’ll hear me tell the story of the Great Ice Cream Jubilee of 2017 and Jesus’ Holy Picnic! Our services have all been under 45 minutes, even with my sermons!

And while we can’t promise that 5000+ can gather in our courtyard the way they do in our text for this Sunday (especially with six feet distance!), there is room for you among the company of the saints of First!

And the weather looks like it will be pretty nice. You can check it HERE.

The Wisconsin Council of Churches is now recommending congregations that moved indoors, step back outside or online. And while it’s not the church setting we may be used to, we have a great canvas tabernacle to gather under now, and that is a real gift! Thank you for the donations that made it possible. We can’t reduce all risks, but this is one of the safest ways we can get together and we have certain expectations to follow to help keep your fellow worshipers and you safe! Check our website for Outdoor Worship Preparation information.

We don’t know how long we will be able to keep doing this, but we are planning to worship this way on Sundays as long as we can, and we hope you take advantage of this chance to gather with your fellow disciples and our neighbors under the “Tent of Meeting”!

I fully support those who do not wish to worship in person due to health issues or concerns about Covid. We need to be careful as there is a surge in cases in the state and in our communities (see the latest West Allis Covid information HERE). We will continue to share the service online HERE for those who cannot attend due to Covid or weather concerns, but for all that are thirsty for their faith community, with the words of Isaiah we say come to the waters!

If you are in need of a visit or would like to receive communion at home please contact the church office at 476-4664.