The FLC Council has decided to continue worshiping each Sunday under the canopies in the courtyard at 10AM! That’s the good news! Here are some Frequently Asked Questions to help you prepare for and consider whether to attend.

What is expected of me, if I choose to attend?
We need to assume that people attending may have Covid-19, so we are asking that anyone in attendance agree to…
1) wear a face mask,
2) bring your own chair,
3) use the restroom before coming to the service (to reduce the need to open and clean the church),
4) maintain a distance of at least 6 feet at all times (No hugs or contact—I know that will be difficult for some of you!),
5) follow these instructions and the instructions of the ushers and leaders at the service,
6) if you, or any close contacts, are sick or at greater health risk, please stay home,
7) and if you or any close contacts become sick or test positive, please let the church office know right away,
8) if you don’t think you can agree to these steps to keep our worship as safe as possible, please stay home. Everyone else who attends will be expecting others to follow them, as part of their decision to attend.

How long will the service last, and what will it be like?
The service outside will be under 45 min, and initially have no music, to keep it short and reduce the risk of transmission. The congregational parts of the service will be read by a worship assistant, similar to our online format.

What if I choose not to attend, will I be left out?
If you cannot attend or don’t wish to attend because of the health risk, we will be sharing information about joining the service via Zoom or online recording. We will have a recording of this service available online later in the day and will email out notifications when it is ready to view. If you would like to use your phone to listen to the service please let us know.

Why are we not worshiping inside?
For your safety, we are not planning to worship indoors until the risk to the congregation and community is reduced or we learn that our ventilation indoors allows for minimal risk of spreading Covid-19. We do not yet have reliable ventilation information that would allow us to plan a worship service indoors.

How often will we worship outside?
Every Sunday at 10AM for the foreseeable future. We will continue to monitor information and feedback from the community and congregation and be ready to make adjustments.

What about weather?
We are planning to have the service each Sunday regardless of weather. If it is raining, sunny and/or hot on a Sunday we will plan to continue with the outdoor service, but if those conditions may be an issue for you, you can always choose to view the service at home.

What should I bring?
You can bring your offering envelope to the service*, but avoid bringing much else besides masks, a chair, sanitizer, water and maybe an umbrella or hat to protect you from the sun so you can give canopy seating spots to others.
*You also can give online at http://firstlutheranelca.org/donate-to-first-lutheran-church-west-allis/

When should I be there?
Please plan on arriving by 9:45 AM for the 10:00 AM service. Seating will likely take a bit longer as we want to maintain social distancing and will need to set up lawn chairs.

Do I need to RSVP ahead of time?
No, you are welcome to come and invite others to come, as long as you abide by the precautions we have set for our worship gatherings.

How can I help?
If you are willing to usher or assist in worship please contact the church office. If you are willing to make phone calls to those who do not receive emails please contact the church office.