Habitat for Humanity is a multi faceted service that at its core offers affordable housing, both locally and globally. There are many success stories at their website, but this one is special.

Nearly 20 years ago, Rita and her husband Angel made the decision to build their own Habitat for Humanity home. Watch her heart-warming story about how safe, affordable home ownership changed their lives forever.

Not only do they build new homes in the area, they also offer educational programs and many volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups, including religious based groups. Here is an excerpt from their website.

“Affordable Home Ownership & Repairs
Habitat does not give away free houses. Habitat offers low interest rate mortgages and affordable home ownership opportunities. A future homeowner must show that they have a need for housing, are willing to partner with Habitat for Humanity and are able to pay for a Habitat mortgage.

Qualifying homeowners help build their brand new or renovated homes while participating in financial education and home maintenance courses provided by Milwaukee Habitat. We also offer an Affordable Mortgage Program for families interested in purchasing a home on the open market. In addition to home ownership opportunities, affordable home repairs are available for existing homeowners.”

Habitat publishes a weekly email message. Here is a link to their Good News Tuesday message this week.

And here is a link on how may faith based organizations can partner with Habitat

Perhaps First Lutheran should investigate how we can best partner with Habitat in 2020.