In 2019 First Lutheran Church will celebrate 94 years in the city of West Allis, Wisconsin. We are blessed to have been serving our neighbors here for so many years. We look forward to continuing our work for God’s mission in the world. The church has been led by many pastors in our history, Henry Hammerling, Mark Syre, Robert Suhr and Maurice Felton, to name a few. These pastors gave direction and helped the church focus on its missions. One of the calls of the church is to care for one another, and while this means those outside our walls, it also means we care for each other. Throughout our history were leaders, pastors, and lay people, who have nurtured our congregation through their gifts of preaching, music, service and leadership. With their guidance and sustained by a common faith, First Lutheran has prevailed and flourished through good times and economic  depression, peace and war, and all that these past 94 years has brought. Through all this, the hope that Jesus Christ brings into the world has been our strength, and our reason for existence.

First Lutheran cordially invites you to worship and fellowship. See you soon!