Tell All your Friends!

During this latest Covid spike First Lutheran will be trying a new way of worshiping! Luther Memorial (located at 2840 South 84th Street in West Allis) has graciously offered to let us use their parking lot and radio transmitter for November 15th and 22nd Services while we watch the numbers and explore options for winter worship. The services will be at 10AM and last between 30 and 40 minutes.

How does it work? Check out THIS VIDEO for Pastor Josh’s intro to Drive In Worship!

You’ll drive to the parking lot in back of the church and park your car at an angle perpendicular to the stage where Pastor Josh will lead services. Werner and Jackie will greet you and show you where to park and invite you to tune into 90.3 FM on your radio which will pipe in the service to your car radio.

Pastor Josh and Colleen (with gloves and masks) will come by your car with bulletins, communion cups and popcorn. You will be invited to honk your horns during the service and for birthdays and anniversaries.

You can wave or exchange peace with the cars next to during the Passing of the Peace before Communion.

You’ll be directed to leave in an orderly fashion and will have a chance to drop off an offering on the way out.

Since November is Food Pantry Awareness Month, we’ll also be accepting donations (cash, check or food) to the food pantry. You’ll be able to leave them on your way out as well.