Portraits of the 20th Century

Laureate Group Senior Living Communities, located in the Greater Milwaukee Area, has achieved a milestone in the senior living industry! This year marks their 50th year of enhancing the lives of older adults, and what better way to celebrate than walking down memory lane and releasing an encore edition of their book Portraits of the 20th Century.

Back in 1999 when the world was focused on Y2K, Laureate Group Senior Communities was focused on the stories the residents were carrying with them, and all the experiences they had lived. Many told over a holiday dinner or conversation with a loved one, but too many of those stories were being lost, never to see the light of day as we witness the passing of a generation. That motivated the Laureate Group to preserve those real-life stories of the real-life people within Portraits of the 20th Century.

Know a bookworm who’d love the 50th anniversary edition of Portraits of the 20th Century? Purchase on Amazon HERE as paperback or Kindle edition! As you read these stories, hopefully you will be reminded that life happens in moments, not decades. You, too, are creating stories that will be woven together to form the history of your family, your community and our world.