Wise Women

Every Tuesday morning at 10AM I have the privilege of praying and learning with our wonderful Bible study group. Every week we open the Bible and learn something about God and our life together. We have been using the text “Bible Women: Their Words and Why They Matter”. This fascinating book always manages to reveal nuances and major themes of the Bible through close study of the words of women in Scripture. Sometimes we only get a few lines or even words from these Biblical figures. Often they are overshadowed by the drama of the Biblical men—who are quite dramatic and emotional it turns out. The women we learn about are often curious, courageous and wise as they navigate a culture that does not grant them the same power as men but nevertheless these women often prove themselves quite power and often the men in the story, kings and commanders of armies, end up dependent on the women for help.

So if you want to dig deeper than what the three year lectionary cycle offers I recommend studying the words of Biblical women because time and time again characters like the Witch of Endor and the Wise Woman of Abel reveal God’s word to us. So once again I invite you to join us for Bible study on a Tuesday this summer. Even if you just want to try to see the Bible in a new way for a session or two you will get a great benefit from the experience with the wise women and courageous men of the Tuesday AM First Bible Study. Just contact the wise woman of the office, Barb, and she will connect you with us with her great powers of administration!

Pastor Josh