Witnesses in a Divided World

For those of us that care about politics and are waiting for election results to become official a lot of us have been through a roller coaster of up and down emotions in the last 24 hours. That kind of tension is probably not what any of us needed right now. It’s difficult to go through and most of us are already stressed enough.

As we listen and learn and navigate the next hours and days, I hope we all can be respectful of those that have other views. It’s good that people care. One of my political heroes always said that he valued people that cared about politics even if they believed different things than him. That type of interest in the other side will be important as we move forward. Last night it was clear that our country is very divided politically, but I am glad that so many people engaged the political process once again even in the middle of a pandemic.

As we think about waiting for tallies of votes, it may drive us crazy, but another thing that we can lean on and celebrate is that the community we are a part of as a church has shared values that cut through political divisions. As Bishop Erickson said to pastors in a call yesterday, our allegiance is to Jesus Christ and we are dedicated to creating and leading in communities of reconciliation, justice, and love in the midst of partisan chaos and division.

I am grateful for each voice that votes and each voice that is a part of our congregation at First Lutheran. We do not believe all the same things but we know we need Jesus and that Jesus wants us to live fully into our lives in this world as called Children of God who are a part of the healing of the nations. We may be a part of a nation in need of healing, and those ministry skills may be needed in the coming days and months.

As we enter into our Stewardship Season and the Fall Appeal we hope you will continue to value your role and membership in this church and will live into generosity and hope for the future as you plan your tithes and pledge financial gifts for the coming year. We can do so much together, and we can be a faithful witness in a world that needs hope and healing.

Pastor Josh