Worship Assistance

Thanks to all of the members and visitors who came to worship with us yesterday!  We hope to continue worshiping regularly like this as we monitor the community spread of Covid-19, but we hope you take advantage of our Tent of Meeting in the courtyard for a safe warm weather worship experience.  If we continue to worship together like this we need more worship volunteers to help with the set up and take down for worship and for people to fill the normal worship roles with some additional duties due to Covid-19.  Please take a look at the following roles and see if you are willing to help in this way.  Again if you are someone who has health or age issues that make you more susceptible to Covid-19 we understand not wanting to take on these roles right now, but for the rest of you that are able and willing to help, we really need you to help the church in this way so we can continue to worship together as safely as possible!  You can call the office to volunteer, contact Colleen Siarnicki or ask a greeter to sign you up for a role at worship on Sunday.


We are starting to worship outdoors this summer and we need some help making sure our services go smoothly, by getting people to sign up to help ahead of time!

If you are able to help could you… 

1) Read the FAQs plan for worship carefully so you know the answers to people’s questions http://firstlutheranelca.org/online-sermons-and-worship-materials/outdoor-worship-preparation/

2) Come to the church by 9:20am on Sunday to help with setup

3) Send feedback to Pastor Josh about anything we can improve on in the future.

4) and fill one of the following roles..



Set up the check-in table with a supply of bulletins, worship FAQ Sheets, individualized, communion cups, and also supplies of sanitizer, wipes and masks if people don’t have one.  Have clipboards for volunteer signups and attendance in hand.

Set up garbage buckets at exits for people to dispose of bulletins and communion cups when they leave. 


Greet people as they approach and instruct someone from the household to pick up bulletins, worship FAQ sheets and communion cups for their households, answer questions.  Encourage people to use sanitizer upon entry.  Give people a mask to wear if they don’t have one.  Sanitize table and anything touched.


Write down the names of attendees and can also ask them if they can volunteer for a future service and take their information down. 


Help people find their seats while maintaining distance,

Stand to the side during the service to have eye contact with people to see if anyone has a question or needs assistance during the service. 

Be ready to unlock the church if someone needs to go the bathroom. 

Help people exit one household at a time while maintaining social distance.


One Reader who will read the Old Testament, Psalm, New Testament reading with a microphone in a mask that doesn’t muffle the sound too much.

One Worship Assistant who reads the Congregational parts of the liturgy with a microphone in a mask that doesn’t muffle the sound too much.

These two roles can also be done by one person if necessary.