Memorial Day

For those that have lost loved ones in battle and service it is an even more important day.  While many use the holiday as an excuse to enjoy warm weather and the start of summer, please remember that for many this is a time when many grieve the loss of those they loved. 

At 3pm on Memorial Day the nation is invited to stop to remember the sacrifice of those who have fallen. As Christians share in this Moment of Remembrance for those that died, we also say a prayer for peace, so that humans and nations may find ways of resolving conflicts without going to war and that the kinship of the children of God can be celebrated in peace and the kin-dom of Jesus Christ can be more important than any king or earthly power in the world.

On Memorial Day, my family remembers those who were saved by the efforts of our military, like my grandparents and aunt who were liberated from the Philippines during the Battle of Manila in 1945. I mentioned the mosaic that my family visited at the Punchbowl Memorial in Honolulu, that reminded us of those that died to set my grandparents and aunt free. And so many other soldiers who fought and died to liberate others. You can see it HERE. Even if you don’t have a direct connection to the military, please celebrate that freedom and honor that sacrifice today.
–Pastor Josh