Bible Study

You are welcome each week as together we dive into a variety of Biblical and theological topics that will enrich and equip your faith life! We meet most Tuesday mornings at 10 a.m. in the Fireside Room. Come each week or join us on a week where the topic is relevant to you.


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Spring 2019 Schedule:

February 12: Christianity and World Religions

February 19: Field trip to Sikh Temple

February 26 – Mary’s Parents / Seasons of the Church


March 5 – Why Ashes?

March 12 – Prayer

March 19 – Sharing Faith

March 26 – Prayer


April 2 – Why Holy Week?

April 9 – Seven Last Words / John’s Farewell Discourse

April 16 – Communion: Bread, Wine, and Jesus

April 23 – Four Gospel Endings

April 30 – So much more…